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Maverick is a dragon tasked with guarding Reza during his stay. The first night of the player's arrival he interrupts a meeting between the player and Reza that sets the story into motion.


Maverick always acts grumpy and angered, even from the start. He does not trust the recently arrived humans, specially Reza, who was his primary target and acts aggresively towards the Protagonist during his/her stay.

He's very determined and does not rest until he achieves what he wants. While looking to find proof about Reza's actual intentions in order to apprehend him, he meets the protagonist a certain number of times and they engage in short cold conversations, except when Bryce makes a BBQ.

Maverick's former personality is unknown, Anna claims he was "eager to help" suggesting he had an extroverted side.

However, his personality is only a product of insecurity and the duty of trying to protect those who he loves, having failed to do so long ago, he felt the responsibility to do the things right, and so he acts distrutful towards the humans and their actions.


Long ago, a serial killer attacked the town and started eating people, hunting only in the night, they later discovered this was the cause of a degenerative disease which transformed him into a feral beast.

It was Maverick's brother, Miles, who attacked Bryce upon being engaged.

Maverick not being sure what to do, killed Miles in an attempt to save Bryce, he was deeply traumatized after that case and changed a lot.


[Encounter #1] Outside the production facility.

[Encounter #2] Portal

[Encounter #3] Crime scene #1

[Encounter #4] Crime scene #2

[Encounter #5] Town

[Encounter #6] (Optional) Bryce's BBQ

[Encounter #7] Bryce's office

[Encounter #8] Most endings

Not wanting to anger the angry dragon:

Encounter #1:

[Just like you]

[Sure, why not] Vital choice for later

Yes or not, it doesn't matter.

[He doesn't seem so bad to me]

Encounter #2:

[I think I'm alright]

[Reza shot Maverick and ran off]

[I hope so]

Encounter #3:

[At least that means someone will find him, right?]

Encounter #4: Nothing to say

Encounter #5:

[Okay. Then start talking]

[You know why. We came as ambassadors for humanity and to oversee the trade we agreed on]

[I would never do such a thing] Maybe this isn't the best answer if you're looking forward to get Bryce's good ending.

Encounter #6:


[Hey, Maverick!]

Encounter #7:

[Tell Maverick to wait] Only available if you gave Anna your blood.

Final encounter: Maverick must survive.


  • Maverick is the only character that appears in almost all endings, also the one with most kills, and deaths.
  • After Miles's case, Maverick was not seen using his police dogtag ever again (at least during the game's story). The reason being unknown.
  • Despite his actions and words towards the protagonist, it is possible they sorted it out after the True ending.
  • It is unknown is Otomo Izumi had warned Maverick about Reza's actions in another timeline, however it's very likely.
  • Maverick seems to respect Bryce enough to act friendly towards the protagonist during the BBQ.
  • Maverick is the only character to die in the hands of the protagonist during an ending.
  • Maverick is one of the three side characters that are not dateable, the others being Ipsum and Damion.
  • Despite his vital role in the game's story, he is considered a side character, most likely because he is not dateable at all.