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Ipsum is a supporting character and dragon in Dragon World. Ipsum is Lorem's roommate, best friend, and character foil. Dragon


Ipsum is a mild-mannered mad scientist, contrasting to Lorem's more collected, upbeat demeanor and focus on art. Where Lorem is more likely to be polite, Ipsum is more blunt, though not to the extent of being unkind to the main character or any of the other dragons of Dragon World.

Physical Description

Ipsum is a tall Eastern-inspired dragon with yellow eyes, purple scales, overlapping cream-colored ventral plates, and a seafoam green mane running the full length of his body. His head is adorned with two stubby antler-like horns, two flowing whiskers, and earfins on both sides of his face.

Ipsum frequently wears a pair of circular spectacles, and these appear in all sprites of him in the game. These spectacles appear to be purely cosmetic, though they may be used in some of Ipsum's experiments.